July 25, 2011

Nerves and Ribbons

This weekend was a big weekend for Miss Grace. It was her Rally debut! She did so well for her first time in the ring. I really had no idea of what to expect of the whole thing. The place was HUGE!!! People and dogs everywhere!

Side note:
Now, let me put this out there. I have NEVER been one to perform in front of a crowd. I hate public speaking, I hate being in front of a crowd, even if it's people I know, shoot, I don't even like calling people on the phone. In school, if there was a presentation at the end of the semester, I would spend the entire semester dreading it. So to say I was nervous about our Rally trial was a slight understatement. I was super excited, but dreadfully nervous.

Friday, Day 1. 
We got there and I was nervous, anxious, excited, and ready to go. We got everything set up and the only thing left to do was wait.

It came time for us to do the walk though and that is when the nerves really hit. "This is it, this is the real deal." "Can we do it?" "Were we ready?" "There are so many people watching." "Will the laugh if we mess up?" "What if Grace messes up?" " What if I mess up?" Those were only a faction of the things going through my head...

The time came for Novice A to start and as I waited for my turn to go, I could feel my face getting red, palms getting sweaty, knees getting shaky, and doubtful thoughts going through my head. Just as I am about the flee the building in a panicked screaming rage (ok, not really, but still), I looked at Grace and she is just as chill as you could get. I realize, she's right, there is nothing to worry about. This is going to be fun and yes, we will make mistake, but that's ok, we're here to have fun! Right?

The judge asked "Are you ready?" I answered Yes, but was thinking no! "Forward" he said, and off we went.

The rest was a blur, and the next thing I knew, my friends (visit her blog here, when you get a chance) and people around us where clapping. We finished and it was fun! IT WAS FUN! We had mistakes, a lot of them, but it was fun! We even Q'ed!!! We got a 79/100!

 Grace and her first ribbon

Saturday, Day 2

Ok, so day two wasn't so overly dramatic as the day before. The sweaty palms, shaking knees and wanting run out the building were at a minimum. The nerves were still there (trust me) but we had done this before and I didn't die, so this was no big deal. I had friends cheering for us and Grace at my side, all was good.

We had a rocky start, but recovered and made another Q! 86/100! Only one more and she earns her RN title!

I am so proud of Grace!

 Pep talk time

 "We got this Grace."

 "Yep, we got this mom."

Ribbon #2

Go Grace Go!!


  1. Way to go Grace! It's so amazing that she got two Qs out of this - and even better, that she was able to relax even when you were so anxious. It sounds like rally will be a perfect fit for you guys!

  2. Brilliant! I really enjoyed the video...You say it was a rocky start, but in my untrained eyes you both looked terrific. Well done!