August 4, 2011

Tell me Thursday

A new game! I love games, although I have never been very good at them. Laura from Crooks and Crazies asks a set of questions every Thursday and wants to know what you know. So, here is my first attempt! Enjoy.
(This may make me post more then twice a month! lol)

(1) How did you get into border collies (or whatever your dogs of choice are)? What started it all?

  I guess it all started about 3 years ago. I have had dogs my whole life, there was never a point in my life without them...until I graduated college. I moved far away from home and our dogs to be with my boyfriend (now husband) here in TX. When we were both ready for a dog we started looking at the local shelters. We wanted a energetic dog we could run, bike, hike, swim with, etc... So we thought a Lab would be a good choice. We looked and looked and looked, but no one felt like "the dog" for us. Until Riley, lo and behold we fell in love with this guy! Riley, a Border Collie mix.

This was our first picture of him at the shelter's tent event.

This picture basically sums up my lil guy :P

 Since then I have loved the Border Collie breed! Riley is the dog that got me interested in agility and through him I have met so many new friends and so has he!
We had known we would eventually get Riley a friend and I knew it would be another Border Collie or Border Collie mix. So looked into the Border Collie Rescue here in Houston and found our lovely Grace!

Shelter's picture of her

Sweet Miss Grace

With her, I got involved with Rally, and again, through her I have met more great friends and done things I never thought I would do.
(2) How many dogs do you have? All dog math variations accepted.
We have 2 dogs, Riley about 3yrs and Grace about 4yrs. Known as my spotted duo.

(3) What do you do for a day job?
For my day job I work as a Therapy Assistant in a Chiropractors office.

(4) What questions would you like to answer (or ask)?
Think....think... think [insert Winnie the Pooh here]
What are some cold snacks/treats you give your dog(s) for summer time fun???
We got to make the best of this damn TX heat!

(5) What was for dinner last night?
Wednesdays are usually Bertolli meal nights. Why? Well, Wednesday nights are agility class night and some nights I don't get home from work until 7:00pm and I have to leave by 7:45pm, so sweet husband puts a Bertolli meal on the stove when I get home and BAM! 10 minutes later, dinner! Last night's Bertollit meal of choice was Italian sausage and rigatoni in a spicy tomato sauce.

I like Tell me Thursdays! I can't wait for more!


  1. Oh my word!! That picture of Riley sailing through the air is both awesome and hysterical at the same time.

    Both of your dogs are very lovely! And I have to say I wouldn't say no to a hubs that made Bertolli for me. My ex-husband once made me hamburger helper. But that was sort of his shining moment. lol!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm so glad you've played!

  2. Riley and Grace are super!! Who can refuse Riley's exuberance and Graces' sweet face. Look forward to more adventures.