August 5, 2011

Grace's first lake adventure!

Earlier this week me and the dogs attempted to walk to a lake my husband recently discovered, 2 miles away from our apartment complex. Needless to say our attempt was futile.... we didn't even make it half way before we had to turn back because of the heat.

After work today  hubby and I decided to make attempt number two. After the looooong walk we made it to said lake and we had the place to ourselves. I was most excited to see what Grace would do. She has never been to a lake and has shown very little interest, if not a small fear, of water. We let Riley off lead and put Grace on the long lead and let them go. Riley went straight to sniffing around and peeing on stuff... typical male, but Grace saw some birds and bee lined it to the water! 

I was a little concerned that she didn't know it was water and would panic once she got there, but again she proved me wrong! She knew it was water and was loving it! She was having fun but was still very nervous, she would jump at any strange little thing, but go back to investigate. For example, "The Log".

 "Hey! Look what I found!"

 "Run for your lives!!!!"

 "Riley, get out of there! Hey! Riley!"


 "Holy sh!t"

 "Wha... what is it?"

 "Careful.... careful....."

 "I'll try the bounding approach."

 "Must get closer...."


 "Too close!"


 " Third times a charm.... right?"

"You still here Grace? I've already investigated the whole lake!"

 "Shhhh I'm busy!"


 "On to investigate more!"

 "Oooo What's that?!?!"

 It's an old plastic bottle Grace.

 "Must use caution"

 "It might be something scary."

"I'll try scratching it."

 There's my boy Riley! 
 Shortly after this, I was just about run over.

Just practicing off leash recall

 I love these two!

All I can think of when I see this picture is.... "SQUIRREL!"

What a awesome way to end a bad work day/week. 
I love my dogs! 
♥Thanks for the de-stresser ♥

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