August 7, 2011

Test Your Pet

A while ago a fellow blogger, Sprollies and Border Collies, posted about a test she gave to her dogs, kind of like an IQ test I would say. I thought it looked like fun and I was curious how Riley and Grace would each perform. I finally had the time to perform said test and here are the results! (I made up my own scoring system, as I didn't know what the test used)

Is your dog right- or left-handed?

Riley:  Pawed right - 3 points
Grace: Licked, sniffed, stared at me and tried to eat the cup. Eventually pawed with right and left paws - 1 point

Does your dog show initiative?

Riley: Flipped cup - 3 points
Grace: Flipped cup -  3 points

Does your dog understand how the world works?

Riley: Looked at floor then to table. - 2 points
Grace: Looked at the table. - 3 points

How good is your dog at solving problems?

Riley: Immediately went around the chairs. - 3 points
Grace: Stared at treat, and after some time went around the chairs. - 2 points

How many commands does your dog know?

Riley: 13 (not including agility) - 2 points
Grace: 13 - 2 points

How good is your dog at solving problems? 

Riley: Pulled the string - 3 points
Grace: Walked around and around, then sat and stared at me. - 1 point

How good is your dog's memory for places?

Riley: Went straight for hidden treat. - 3 points
Grace: Came into room & stared at me, found hidden treat after encouragement saying "go find it". - 2 points

Final Scores!
Winner! Riley with a score of 19/21
Runner up! Grace with a score of 14/21

Riley is a, forge forward, must do whatever to get reward, kind of dog. While Grace is patient, sit and wait for direction, kind of dog. It was fun to watch them each figure (or not figure) out each task in their own way. Here's the link to the test, Test Your Pet, they have test for dogs, cats, birds, horses and more! Try it out with your own pet, and see how they do! Have fun!

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  1. It's really fun, isn't it? Two clever dogs there!

    As for the scoring system, I'm using the one from the show on TV, but for some reason it's not on the site.