February 13, 2012

Completely off topic and random

So, this post is completely off topic and has nothing to do with dogs. But, I feel the need to say it. When I work hard at something and have great passion for it, I feel hurt when someone disrespects me.

What I am talking about here, are my brother's senior pictures, one in particular. Now, it was just a stupid comment may by a teenage boy on Facebook. I probably shouldn't even pay attention to it, but I couldn't let it go. Taking my brothers senior pictures was something that meant a lot to me. He flew all the way down from WA to visit and to get his pictures taken.

The one picture in particular was one that he wanted and it was a little challenging to get it just right, but I did it! I am so proud of this picture, my brother loves it and everyone else had nothing but good things to say. Now, I know this is a good picture, but the comment the boy made really just made me mad. "Fag", that was all he wrote.

Now as a sister, I took offense to that, whether is was meant as a "all in good fun" comment or not, it made me mad that someone would say that about my brother. And as the photographer I was hurt that someone would leave that as a comment. I typed up a very nice response, but I figured I should give my brother a heads up, that I was about to give a stern talking to, to one his "friends" (don't think they are in real life) on Facebook.

In the end I did not post my comment, my brother didn't want me to embarrass him, but he did delete the comment. My brother didn't think anything of the comment, "oh that's just D, he's a jerk" but he took it off for me, because he understood that it hurt my feelings. Thanks bro!

Here is my would be comment:
D: I find your comment very childish and uncalled for. Why would someone be a “fag” for wanting a picture of their class ring? It is something he takes pride in, and I was very happy to photograph his ring for him. This picture was a very difficult one to obtain, there was a lot of time and effort put into these pictures and I take great pride in them. Therefor insulting the person, the picture, you are insulting me. Now, you may not have meant any harm by your comment; “it's all fun in games”, “that's not what I meant”, so on and so on, but there are consequences behind the words you choose. They may mean nothing to you, but to others, they can be very upsetting. In the future, I would suggest keeping such crud/immature comments, on such a public network, to yourself. There is no room for negativity here.

Thanks you fellow bloggers for letting me vent :)


  1. Good for you! We have become a society that can "say whatever", and it is high time that we stand up for what is right and good with our fellow citizens. I understand your brother not wanting you to post it, but this person is not a "friend". You can vent any time! I'll listen.

    Have a great week!

    P.S. I think the photo is stunning - shows great lighting and detail. Good job!

  2. Sounds like that guy is a selfish inconsiderate jerk! This picture is great
    Dachshund Nola