February 15, 2012

Wordy? Wednesday

Today ended like no other. Left work, not in the greatest of moods, but what else is new. Drive home was, well, long, but actually slightly less traffic. Called agility class, to double check it was canceled do to all the rain.  I get home, excited to see the dogs, and let them out in the yard like always. They run around, say hi to mom, I cuddle them and feel happy. Well Grace had run inside, grabbed a toy and brought it out to tug. So we're tugging and all of a sudden I here SPLASH!

I turn around and there is Riley in the fish pond, chasing fish.... LOL!

Now, when we first moved in both, Riley and Grace had jumped in because there was water, but we haven't had any incidences since then. Well, Riley has discovered there are actually FISH IN THERE!

Oh, Riley! All I could do was laugh, after a irritating day at work, the dogs can always do something to make me smile :)

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