February 6, 2012

Superbowl Playdate

Red's mom invited us over for a Superbowl play date. Honestly, no one really cared about the game, but it was a good excuse to get together, eat good food and let the pups hang out. Grace and Red played all evening, Riley tends to hang back, jumping in every once in a while. Mostly he just likes to hang with the people :)

 Show me your game face!

 Going for the tackle!

 Grace says "time-out", but Red says other wise!

After a long afternoon of playing we had some very tired pups.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In other news, Riley's agility it really coming along. We are still working on the weaves but slowly yet surely they are coming around.
I am going to set a goal to pick a show (say 2-3 months away) and enter it. That way I have a deadline for myself. I have been so lazy lately! "oh we'll get out there tomorrow..." and a week later we haven't practiced.... sigh. Sorry Riley :(
But I really want to try and reach that goal! Not necessarily to have the weaves 100%, but just get to where he understands what they are (the straight weaves), and try.

Grace's Rally is really coming along too! My goal for her, is to maintain the focus during the heel. Our next step is off-leash Rally. I am nervous about it, but in class I've done some work off leash or on very loose leash, so that it may not even be there. Grace is doing awesome with that! So I guess my goal for Grace is to practice the heel work in more diverse areas.

Also I really promise to post more! Things have been busy and I just haven't had the camera out. But I WILL stick to my goals and hopefully that will entice me to post more, because we are actually doing stuff!

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  1. Not sure how I missed this post!! How fun! Keep working on the weaves! I'm totally impressed with what you do!