June 30, 2012


Today a local club held a show and go and it gave me a chance to work on some Rally skills with Riley (yes Riley participated too!) and Grace. I wanted to work Grace in a new area and I just brought Riley along for fun, just to see how he would do.

Grace did great! Our weakest part seems to be the downs, but I loved her focus! Today was the first time she's seen a broad jump, so when I got to the jump, I set her up in front and called her over. Honestly, I half expected her to walk around it, but low and behold she did it! I think with some more practice, we have a good chance of earning her RA title come the Reliant show in July.

Riley, oh Riley! I was blown away with how well he did! I just brought him along to try it out and see what he did. We haven't really done any formal training in Rally, usually he just gets to do some moves after I work with Grace. Because I feel bad he didn't get any treats! So maybe along with agility, I will add Rally to his list of skills.


  1. I adore Riley! He is beyond cute with his prancing and heads-up heeling!