June 28, 2012

This and That

Last week my family came down from Washington to visit! It was so nice to see them! My brother is has decided to attend Texas A&M for college, as well as go into the Corps of Cadets program. I am so proud of him, plus I will have at least one member of my family with in driving distance.

In addition to my family visiting, we had more work done on the patio! I would say it is about 90% complete! It is looking so good and I cannot wait to have a cookout!

Not really much going on dog-wise. There is a Show-n-Go this weekend that I am taking both dogs too. Grace will be practicing Advanced Rally and Riley will try his hand in Novice Rally. I will try to get video of them both :)

Rebar installed

Rebar installed

Concrete is stamped! More color will be added later

I think Grace approves.
 And just to end on something cute, the other day the dogs got a bath and after their post bath zoomies outside, I took them inside, since they weren't going to get any dryer in this humidity. Well, Grace decided to dry herself off :) Enjoy


  1. Now that hilarious!, and I like how your carpet coordinates with the dogs:)