September 6, 2010

Doggie Play Date

During our agility classes I have become friends with some of the other students. One in particular is William, the Golden, and his handler. Since while in class we aren't suppose to let our dog mingle (we are there to do agility + safety reasons) we had talked about play dates for our boys. So yesterday we went over to our new friend's house and Riley and William hit it off right away! They are both roughly the same age, Riley at about 2yrs 6mo and William at about 16mo (I think).... Young rowdy boys!

One of the cool things was they had an inflatable pool! William knows where the make shift steps are, (weighed down storage containers) Riley not so much haha. So to avoid nails poking holes, the next time we go over we are going to get in the pool to teach Riley where the steps are when he is swimming.

 On land, there was lots of wrestling, body slamming, rolling around, even got some zoomies in there haha. It was so nice to find another dog that has the same play style as Riley. We did stop their play a couple times just to say, "hey guys, the moms are still here" and to give them some breaks, then sent them on their way to continue :)

We both had some TIRED puppies at the end of the day!


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time!

  2. I love to see dogs playing like that.

  3. Great pictures of a fun time:)

  4. Beautiful pictures with beautiful and happy doggies in!

  5. The golden looks like a big ole bear because hes cute! looks like riley had fun!