September 24, 2010


I finally got around to editing my agility class videos. Riley is still have a lot of trouble with the whole contact concept, as you will see in the video. But we are working on it... The good news is, that he seem to understand that it's not a free for all, and that he needs to follow my directions.

I feel like the "AH HA" moment was yesterdays class, during the jump segment. There I felt like Riley and I really were working together and OH WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING! Lol :) Gives me hope that we can really do this!

Here is a video from last weeks class. It was not our best day. I had a bad day at work and I think that frustration transferred over into class :( But over all we did ok.


  1. I think Riley is coming along really well, if this is only his second set of lessons.
    It is interesting to see a slightly different way of training things. We also teach a nose touch to an unbaited target. That way the dog is looking to you for the reward after touching the target, rather than than fussing around the person at the end with all the treats.
    Also interesting to see the stick being used to teach the weave poles. We just use the channel weaves all the way. As the channel gets narrower the dog starts to have to step slightly around the poles, which gets more obvious as the poles are gradually moved in to a straight line. We gradually start lifting the poles up towards vertical as that channel disappears.
    And like the previous commenter said, clicker training is great:)

  2. Thanks :) Riley is just blossoming with every class. I think this is week 12.

    Yea, now realizing how highly food motivated Riley is, I kinda wish we used an unbaited target and he would look to me for the treat. I just don't know if I should ask them to change the target for him?
    I think I'll start trying it at home with the clicker, like y'all suggested.

    I also like the channel method way better! It's what I use at home :) and Riley does so much better with it.

  3. I'm curious to know the background of your instructors and where they came up with these methods. I don't think these methods are doing you any favors -- They are producing a dog who is overly focused on your instructors because they are the deliverers of good things (that should be your job). I also don't think that these methods are producing any understanding of the obstacle performances themselves, as evidenced by Riley making no attempt whatsoever to keep his bum on the contact equipment (swinging it around pretty much every time to get in a better position to eat the food). The weave training is totally bizarre and I find it bothersome that they have you facing the wrong way. In agility, your feet should practically always be pointing where you want your dog to go -- IE: forward. Your instructors have some really odd ideas. The good news is that it looks like Riley is having loads of fun, but I really do feel that you would progress faster with different training methods. If you have other options in your area, I might suggest that you give them a try when these classes are over -- Just to try something new and see how it goes. I just can't wrap my head around these training methods and think they must be designed to make "pet people" happy.

  4. This is their web page,

    I have tons of fun/learn a lot in the classes and I think Riley and I could go far with what we are learning. To me they seem like they know what they are doing (but I am very new in the sport) I just maybe think with a different contact strategy Riley could do better. I may bring it up to them.

  5. He is looking good =) =) Love his wiggley tail over the dogwalk!

    You may want to try with the contacts...when he comes off the end rather then you putting him back on, he just no longer gets a reward and has to re-position himself. Since you putting him physically back on is not giving him much feedback that what he did was not right. Just something to consider! Glad you are enjoying it though!