September 27, 2010

Fun in the Sun..... and Sand!

Sunday Riley and I had another play date with our friends from agility! We went to Galveston TX, which was a first for me, it was a blast! The dogs loved it! Riley didn't like the waves so much, but liked to run/jump out about chest deep into the water and then ruuuunnnnn back to shore. The other thing the dogs enjoyed was DIGGING! Riley and William looked like a pair of clowns. Riley would be digging, flinging his dirt into Williams hole he was digging and so on.

A sandy William thanks to Riley

 Who me?



 Zoom Zoom!

 Thanks for the fun trip mom!

After the trip, we headed back to our friends house where us and the dogs hung out in their pool. How Riley and William still had energy, is beyond me. They swam, ran and wrestled some more! After a quick bath for the dogs, we chilled inside to watch tv and the dog finally took a break and rested.

We had very happy, very tired pups!
What a wonderful Sunday :)


  1. Great pictures! It looks like they had the time of their lives :) What a fun day.

  2. Tired pups = Happy pups

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and the lovely video. Riley and William are so cute and it was fun to watch them digging the sand!

  3. What an amazing beach -- Gorgeous! My dogs are jealous, as am I.