September 20, 2010

Riley finds his Spot

Finally able to post!

It's busy here, or at least I feel that way. So here's a quick post.
I was able to get video of class last week and I promise to post it soon :) But last class it was apparent that Riley still really didn't know the 2o2o contact and didn't know the cue word for it, "Spot". After class I asked my instructor what I could do at home to help him understand. He said since we live in a upper apartment I could use the stairs. I was like "Really?". So today I found a lid top and started training!

Session 2

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  1. Have you done any clicker training with Riley in the past? I've done more of it with Secret than my previous two dogs -- I decided to shape her contact criteria (2o/2o) using the clicker and she has nailed her contacts from day one (my boys can still be sketchy..). Even if you don't entirely free-shape the whole behavior, I think shaping a nose touch to the target would be more beneficial for you than baiting the plate with food.

    And if you haven't done any clicker training yet, I highly encourage you to try it! :o) Border Collies tend to really grasp this method of training.