August 16, 2010

A Good Laugh for a Monday

A good laugh every now and again is healthy. After watching this video I probably added a good 2 years to my life! And wanted to share, Enjoy!

(Not my dog, someone else has the joy of owning this dog)


  1. That is so funny, and what a brave little dog!!
    We drove past Shuswap lake on our trip last week.
    We tried to see if our border collies had any hopes of being dock dogs, but no such luck, and that little corgi puts them to shame.

  2. That was hysterical! Lot's of belly laughs here. Thanks for sharing :)

    Emma Rose

  3. That is the funniest video ever! He just flops into the water! I love Corgis!

  4. I adore that! what a brave little dog!