August 6, 2010

Making Strides!

As promised, here is a video collage of the Dog Walk from Thursdays class (my first attempt at video editing, forgive me).

Riley did amazing! Before this, we had only done the "little dog walk". He was a little bit cautious the first time, but only by a hair.

"Whoa! This is kinda high"

The second run he was more confident.

"I can do this!"

On the third run I was instructed to take his leash off (for safety) if I felt I couldn't keep up with him. Which I did. He was just awesome! Even our instructors were a little surprised. I am so proud of my little guy! 

Next week is our "graduation" class, where they evaluate each dog as they go over each obstacle and determine if they feel we are ready for the next class. Our instructors keep saying Riley has a lot of potential if we keep at it, which makes me feel really good about myself and proud of Riley!
Wish us luck next week!

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