August 5, 2010

Learning a new language

Tonight we attend Riley's 2nd to last beginners agility class, and they are increasing the height of the A-frame Dog Walk to regulation height! Yay! Personally, I think Riley's favorite obstacle is the A-frame tho, followed by the dog walk. He is such a natural! Me on the other hand.... not so much. I am slowly learning and building my own agility vocabulary, but it's hard to remember what to say, when to say it! Riley moves SO FAST!

Spot! oops I mean...


Dog wa......I mean, Walk it!






Ok, I know it will all come with time and practice, but still! So frustrating! 

The best thing about dipping our toes in this new world is meeting new friends and having fun! Riley and I have made friends with another girl and her Golden Retriever, William. Both Riley and William find waiting in line to be the most boring thing ever and bounce on the end of the lead when they see the dog in front go over/though the obstacle (mainly the A-frame though!) It's awesome that they are so enthusiastic!

I just really hope we "graduate" this class and move on to the intermediate class! I really want to continue agility and I think Riley does as well :) It's so fun! Hopefully I will be posting pictures and videos of class, all thanks to my wonderful husband, who comes to class with us! :)

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  1. Riley is so cute! He's lovely! I hope I can teach my Ben some agailty, when he's older, of course.