August 15, 2010

The simple things in life, a dog's view

1. Somewhere to sleep
2. Toys
3. FOOD!
4. Love
 Dogs choose to sleep on the funniest things. Now Riley has two perfectly good dog beds, but if there is a piece of paper, a bag, towel, etc. on the floor, he will lay on those instead. Today sleeping place of choice was my cloth bag. Conveniently right next to it was his travel food dish (which was in the bag at one point) and for good measure Riley brought one of his toys over.

Periodically throughout the day I would see him laying there and I'd try to go sneak the camera, but every time he'd get up and follow me! Gah! I eventually got the camera and got some pictures of him resting on my bag haha.

As I am writing this, I look over, and what is Riley sleeping on? A towel that got left on the floor :) Now his dog bed is literally 10 ft away, but maybe the towel has some kind of appealing nature, I don't know. Silly dog!


For number 2 on the list, toys, Riley has that covered.

No real explanation needed!


I think this has to be Riley's favorite. Food.

♪ Food, Food, Wonderful Food, Glorious Food, Wonderful Foooood ♪

I've posted about Riley drooling before, but I wanted to get a better picture. So here's a more visible drool shot LOL. 
He doesn't get excited at all.... He doesn't come running when he hears you open the laundry room door, hoping you will open the food bin.... When you scoop his food, he doesn't sprint over to sit by his food dish....He won't sit there, wagging his tail so fast you'd think he could become air born..... And most defiantly he will not drool excessively in anticipation for the release word that will allow him to eat.

Who am I kidding?


Last but most definitely the best, Love.

We got it.

So, maybe we need to take a lesson from our dogs and remember to take a step back to enjoy the simple things in life. I know I forget to sometimes.


  1. Riley certainly seems to have it made!! My dog can't be bothered with his bed most of the time. He seems to sleep on it more in winter so I'm wondering if they are a bit warm for them.

  2. Riley is so cute! He reminds me of Sheila when he sleeps - they definately share ears!

  3. Does he ever get "helicopter tail"? :) Miley does that all the time, it's hilarious!

  4. Lol yes Melanie he does! He wags his tail in a circle when he really gets excited :) Helicopter tail is a great name for that haha