August 21, 2010

Time for Updates!

Sheesh I haven't posted in a while.... sorry!

Well in return I have a lot of updates! Lets see...Well as y'all know Riley and I graduated from beginners agility and are now in the intermediate class! All the work is off leash, which is a challenge for Riley. He is such an outgoing, friendly dog that being told he can't play with a dog or new person is a huge challenge. So with class being off leash while running obstacles it takes a lot of focus from Riley not to give in to his impulses. Although he did give in twice, once right in the beginning, he ran to another dog, but came right when I called (which I was so ecstatic about!) the other time was at the A-frame (his favorite), he went before I said to, we stopped him and tried again.

I am overflowing with pride! He did well beyond my expectations! I think I've found what his calling is life is, he just has so much enthusiasm and we both have so much FUN!

Update #2

We have been practicing the weave poles at home, but with it being so hot out (100+) I've moved the poles inside. Hopefully, soon this heat will back off and the cooler temps will be welcomed with open arms.

For the weave poles we use the channel method in class, so I've attempted to build my own, using our clubs dimensions. Riley picked up on it pretty quick, but I have to remind myself constantly not to rush! I get excited when he does so well haha :)

Update #3

I got my first Blogger award! I'm a versatile blogger :) I didn't even know you could get something like that, so I was pretty happy. Apparently there are rules to these thing, so here we go:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award.

Thank you Sprollies 'n' Border Collies!

2) Share 7 things about yourself....hmmmm....

- I've been married for almost 4 months!
- I've never broken any bones
- I've never had stitches
- I love breakfast food! Any kind of breakfast food! The best is when you have breakfast for dinner!
- I still call my mom about everyday
- I like to watch classic Disney movies and Pixar movies. I'm still a kid at heart :)
- I was a pre-school drop out, because I would bite the other kids LOL

3) Pass this award to 10-15 other bloggers you have recently discovered and think are fantastic!

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  1. Wow! Riley is doing fantastic. He looks like he loves it, his tail never stops wagging.

    Is that the same kind of channel weave that you use at the lessons? That is pretty neat, and then how you can switch it make it angle is good.
    Our club uses channel weaves also, they are in two pieces and can also be angled at the same time as they are making a channel. The bases are made out of metal.

    That was really interesting watching your videos, and I look forward to seeing more of them.

    Thanks also for the award:)

  2. Its great to watch Riley having such fun. I think it must be quite hard keeping up with him at times.

  3. Karen: Thanks :) We are learning a lot! Our class has almost the same weave, just fancier aka, better made, has springs on the base, and like yours is metal. What I really wanted to do is keep sliding the poles inward until they are straight, but I didn't have the materials/ know-how. So I kinda had to improvise with the angles. Do you think it will hurt his learning of the weave??? I don't know.

    Glad you like the videos :) I also like to look back to see how we are progressing.

  4. You should be so proud of him, he's doing great.

  5. I think you did a brilliant job of improvising on those channel weaves. Since I'm a 'I can probably build something like that at home' kind of person, I will have to remember that, so I can pass it on to other people.
    I'm no expert, but it doesn't look like your weaves are hurting his learning at all.

  6. Looks like you and Riley are doing a great job with your training, love your videos and photos! We also used the channel method and it worked really well for us. The only tip I have is that you might want to train with an even number of poles so the dog is used to existing on the correct side. But I'm pretty new to agility, so I could be wrong...

    Thanks for the award :)

  7. Thanks Steffi, you have a good point about an even number of poles. I've read somewhere that it's a good idea as well. I just need to get around to going to Home Depot or Lowes to get more parts. Thanks for the tip! And I am really happy you like the pictures and videos :)

  8. Riley is brilliant! My "weave poles" are three traffic cones! I didn't know that's how you taught weaves!

    You're welcome about the award :)