August 26, 2010

Learning to drive

I'm pretty sure learning to "drive" a dog is like learning to drive a manual car. You start out having no idea what you are doing, a little awkward with the controls (push the path). You have to listen and learn how to transition, when to give, when to take, maybe stall a few times somewhere in there. But after a while things start to move together and you and the car/dog are moving smoothly as a unit!

I am still at the awkward stage LOL! But it's starting to make sense.

We learned more about "pushing the path" today, which is pretty much like learning a new language or manual car haha but the more our instructors talk about it, the more it starts to click in my head...slowly. Pushing the path means you are directing to the dog what path to take using personal space, you step in they move away, you step away they move toward you.

.....I'm pretty sure me trying to explain "push the path" made no sense at all, oh well..... I'm still learning.

Riley is just absorbing everything like a sponge! He did very well in class today. His stays were just about perfect, but he did break a couple of the contact holds. We are being taught the 2 on 2 off contacts and today we had to remind Riley to keep those back feet on! Other then that he did splendid! Flew through all the obstacles, even the chute and weave poles (those are his most challenging I'd say). But any mistakes he did make were because of me and my awkwardness. The instructors are all very very patient and eager to help and explain. Riley worked very hard today and once again he did so much better then I expected! His is now one tired, happy pup.

"Tired? Who's tired?!"

"I does not have a tired, I has a toy."

"You can't be talking about me."

"It's not what you think, I'm just stretching my legs."

"Class was fun today huh mom? We had lots of fun."

 "I'm just resting my eyes, k? Just real quick."

 "I'm just resting them...... over here..... on my nice, comfy.....ZzZzZz......"

G'night my little tired puppy paws.....Shhhhh

You done good :)


  1. I think your description was pretty good:)
    Can you drive a manual shift?:)

  2. Karen: Thanks:) Yea, I can drive manual. My current car isn't but my last car was, it was so fun to drive :)

  3. Hey. Thanks for following us.
    Riley looks like the perfect dog.
    Have fun with him :)
    I do love your pictures! They are wonderful :D

  4. Riley sure has plenty of feet! Its somehow pleasing to see a tired dog.

  5. awwwwww!...seriously cute pictures!!!!